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Dr. R. V. Krishnaiah ( Man of Volume III Issue III)

 B.Tech(ECE), M.Tech(EIE),M.Tech(CSE), Ph.D(ECE)


  • Introduction 

I (Dr.R.V.Krishnaiah) did Ph.D in Electronics & Communication Engineering from JNTU Aanatapur, M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from JNTU Hyderabad, M.Tech in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering from NIT Waranagal and B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Nagarjuna University. I have published more than 100 publications in national and international journals or conferences.
I have born in a poor family. We have reached this level with tremendous hard work and commitment.

  • Message for young researchers.

Hard work is the weapon for success. The research activity builds the confidence and explores the state of the art to build uniqueness. Research means learning forever and enriches yourself which leads you to be happy and habituate. 

  • Current research status

The research is treated as a separate entity which is not healthy for the society. It must be part and parcel of different levels of education which will be possible only through brain storming.

  • How do you approach a research ?

Research is not meant for paper publishing. The research has to be done for the solution of a real problem.

  • How much time you require for writing a paper?

One month is required to study the current scenario and understand the problems related to that and the possible solutions to be derived.

  • What was your successful moment in life ?

When successful as an entrepreneur.

  • What do you think for IJCEA?

It is a worthy journal with proper review process.

  • How you inspired for research?

I have started my research to solve the problem of getting unique report from a MRI scanner. Next my research is continuing to solve the problem of vehicle accidents in Indian environment road traffic conditions.

  • Hobbies.

Social awareness activities, Book Reading, Interested to find solutions for problems.

  • Family.

I have wife and one elder son and younger daughter.